Basic rules for the organization of education day

The development of educational system and excellence of young people in recent years have definitely influence by charter schools. A study comparing students in the same age heard traditional school, at first glance the difference is insignificant if they apply to all students, but it is clear in favor of heard when it comes to poorer students or members of ethnic minorities. Compliance with school rules ensuring safe and smooth running of the educational process.

• entry and exit of students from the building for classes took place in the central entrance upon presentation of a student card to the security of the school;
• duty teachers come to school 15 minutes before the start of classes and are responsible for order in the school culture of behavior of students in the hallways, do not allow movement beyond the classroom after beating the first bell;
• Chief on duty organizes the work of the teams, divided their duties and control them;
• duty team checked the condition of classrooms, provide information to students about the absent teachers, notes in a special notebook violations or recommendations;
• students enter the classroom after beating the first bell, prepared for an hour, and duty students in class blackboard clean, prepare the equipment, maps and other ventilated room and transmit it in pure form after hours;
• students maintain the purity of their sit, planting of classrooms and school yard at the end of the school year under the guidance of the class teacher is carried out cosmetic repairs of the room and the furniture in it;
• the order, peace, hygiene and prevent outsiders corridors during class meet the staff of the respective floor and security;
• pollution or damage to the hallway during recess duty teachers to wear day administrative and financial responsibility, pollution and damage to classrooms - all teachers who were assigned to work in them;