Charter schools

There is a period of about a century and a half, during which the state is obliged to provide education for children in England are creating a huge variety of types of educational institutions, financed fully or partially by the government. The result is the formation of a highly complex educational system. Between educational establishments there are some differences: the form of government, the jurisdiction under which fall (local education authorities or the Ministry of Education), the relative freedom of the policies and the age of the students. Also, they also differ in whether they are obliged to follow or not the national educational program.

Whether they have to observe, however, between them there are no significant differences in the methods of teaching. The majority of secondary and primary state-funded schools in England are mainstream. Today, they are attended by between 82% and 90% of all students in this age group in the UK. Most of them are accessible to all, and not take their students through competition. Another similarity between them is that they generally do not charge for the education they offer.

The first charter schools opened in 2011. Free schools can be based on almost everyone, including businesses, religious communities, individual teachers or parents, other universities and schools. Where were founded by a private organization, it must create a non-profit foundation. There are two models for state funding - funding of a school or group of such funding, which is managed by the same foundation. They do not fall under the jurisdiction of local education authorities and are not obliged to follow the national curriculum.

Although managed by the organizations that created them, charter schools are funded by the state. Thereby founding is losing responsibility to plan rationally costs because they shall be borne by taxpayers. Furthermore create conditions for behavior - more and more organizations are encouraged to found schools or repair existing ones attracted by guaranteed payment from the state.